Dome Village is thankful to the tremendous numbers of volunteers who help out at the Dome Village each year.  Without this huge community support Dome Village would not be able to offer many great and enriching programs.  Further, volunteers,  both individual and groups have provided a crucial support for a variety of upkeep and maintenance projects regularly undertaken at the Dome Village.

Volunteer projects and activities at the Dome Village have included:

Educational workshops and activities for youth and adults

Tree  Trimming

Gardening activities

Arts programing

Maintenance and refurbishment of the domes

Community clean-ups

Computer education

Job skills training

Helping with special events such as Thanksgiving and other holidays

Setting up workshops on the issue of homelessness with students and other groups


Cottage Industry development

Obtaining needed donations


Assisting families and individuals on a case by case basis

Although it would be impossible to mention all the volunteers who have contributed to the Dome Village since it's beginning in 1993, we would like to acknowledge a few of our star volunteers:

UCLA University Catholic Center
USC Volunteer Center and the Friends &  Neighbors Day
UCLA Inner Warmth
The Hillel Center
Disney VoluntEars
Kids On Stage
Sigma Chi
Pepperdine Step Forward
Volunteer Center of Los Angeles
Faith Outreach Ministries
The Dream Center
Creative Arts Temple
University  of Judaism
Mr. David Adams
Pitzer College
United Methodist Church
Life, We Care
Catholic Charities
Boy Scouts of America

We are grateful for all your support!